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 09-18-03  Hammond Admirals Newsletter - Issue #17


Are you reading this for the first time on the Hammond website?  If so, email me and I’ll add you to the mailing list.  While you are visiting the website, make sure you are listed correctly in your class year – http://www.hammondhighschool.com  If you have sent me information and I haven’t corrected it yet, let me hear from you once more (excluding those who have written in the last 10 days)

Please – make sure that your website class rep and I have current contact information.  IF YOU CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, LET ME KNOW!

IMPORTANT – Francis C. Hammond Courtyard Cleanup this weekend!!

Join us Saturday, October 25, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. - Francis C. Hammond Middle School.  As part of our community service program, we meet regularly at the school to “spruce” up the courtyard.  Bring your favorite gardening tools and gloves.  Really folks, this is a lot of fun, lets us relive our high school days a bit, and help the school at the same time.  Come see the benches given by the FCHHSAA, Roy Smith in memory of Jim Miller, and the GWAA in memory of their classmate Francis C. Hammond.  Thanks to the generosity of Milt Saffelle, Class of ’58, there will soon be two more benches, one in honor of Coach Red Caughron, Hammond’s first head football coach, the other honoring the January ’58 graduating class – THE first to graduate!  Milt, thank you from all of us – I hope that this will encourage other individuals and classes do the same.  All will have appropriate plaques.

See you on the 25th at 10:00.  Drop me an email if you think you can stop by.  We welcome those who come to cheer us on!  Don’t by shy – we need you.  benson@generalmicro.com

In Memoriam – Ted Arthur, GW ‘58

Ted passed away last week, and visitation will be tonight, Monday evening, October 20 from 6:00-8:00 at Everly Wheatley Funeral Home on Braddock Road in Alexandria, and the funeral service will also be at Everly Wheatley at 1:00 on Tuesday with interment to follow at Mt. Comfort Cemetery.

Because he was active in the GWAA, and particularly their website, Ted was known to many Admirals, especially those from ’58 and ‘59

In Memoriam – Ramsey Maupin, TCW ‘70

Although Ramsey did not graduate from Hammond, many of you will remember him as the younger brother of Dennie (’61) and Sallye (’64) Maupin.  Ramsey passed away on September 26 in Alexandria as a result of complications from diabetes.

His memorial service was last Friday, and more than 500 people attended from all walks of his life – MacArthur Elementary, T.C. Williams, the law community, former clients, friends and family.

Ramsey had been a successful criminal and civil attorney for the past 25 years; in addition to Dennie and Sallye, he is survived by his wife, two daughters, and his mother.




Mark your calendar for this one – Saturday, 11:30 a.m. on December 6, 2003.  Location to be determined - watch the website and your newsletters.    The FCHHSAA invites all local Admirals (and anyone from out of town) to come gather for some Holiday cheer.  And of course, we hope our “adoptees” will join in too.  Spouses welcome.  We would like to keep a list of possible attendees, so please let me know if you think you can attend.

2006 – 50th Anniversary of the Dedication of Francis C. Hammond High School

……and we are going to have one heck of a party.  Specific date and location to be announced, but the first organizational committee meeting was held this past Saturday.  All concurred that a date in July 2006 would be best, perhaps the second or third weekend. – and more than likely there will be an informal event Friday, a dinner dance on Saturday, and a picnic on Sunday.  Unfortunately, not all classes are well organized (yea ’62!!) and some never have reunions – so this will be a unique opportunity to reunite with old friends.

Helen Davis ’69 has volunteered to be the contact coordinator, and the committee quickly accepted her offer, so don’t worry if you are in one of the classes without regular reunions (and even if you are)  We will soon have a page on the website indicating the information needed for the database Helen will be maintaining for the 2006 event.  The email will be Hammond2006Reunion@yahoo.com


Thanks to all of you who braved the aftermath of Isabel to join us for the Second Annual Meeting of the Francis C. Hammond High School Alumni Association.  Because the school was without water, we were advised on Friday that the auditorium (and the school) would not be available to us.  Without any way to contact everyone on such short notice, we decided to hope for the best – and the best was there to help us out!  Thanks to Georgia Brown of the ACPS who just happened to be in front of the school, the doors were opened and we were able to sit in the same seats from years ago (although they are upholstered now!)  Of course, it didn’t hurt when we told her Mickey Moore was on her way over too – Mickey was Georgia’s principal at one time!  And speaking of Mickey, thanks to her for agreeing to take the group on a tour.  If necessary, we were ready to hold the meeting on the back stairs!

Those of you who were there know that we presented a plaque to Mickey for all of her help with the association.  If you would like to see a photo of Frank Regan, president of the association, presenting it to Mickey, please click here:  http://fchhs.acps.k12.va.us/adm_log.htm  The plaque is very unique, designed by Charlie Stancil ’62 whose company is FotoMetal Imaging, Inc.  The image on the plaque is the same as the one on the website’s home page, and reads:

To Mickey Moore, Teacher and Friend in Grateful Appreciation for Your Inspiration and Never Wavering Dedication to the Hammond Admirals, The Francis C. Hammond High School Alumni Association, September 20, 2003

Mickey was our inspiration for the association, faithfully attends our meeting and events, and provides guidance as she did earlier in our lives.

GW-Hammond ’58-’59 Reunion

What a great reunion!  Six of the seven board members were there, and we were graciously introduced and recognized for our work on behalf of the Admirals by Ann Smith Hughes ’58 Frank Regan, Barbara Polk and Mike Graffeo attended because they are from the ’58-’59 classes, but Betsy Speck ’60, Jeri Kirby ’65 and I joined in the festivities as well.    Before he passed away, Ted Arthur was able to get some of your photos online..  I’ll be working with Ann to have more photos available, but for now, please click here:



Wow – we have too many in the sick bay!

Lynn Larrick Henderson had surgery earlier this month and is recovering at home – however, Lynn now faces both radiation and chemotherapy.

Pat Casey has had major heart surgery

Milt Sanders also has had some major heart problems

I know they would like to hear from you – if you need an address, please contact me via email at benson@generalmicro.com


In the last newsletter, I mentioned that Greg Ewell’s daughter, Emily Steed Ewell, was the Valedictorian of the T.C. Williams Class of 2003.  More news on Emily!  She was the recipient of the Roy E. Smith Scholarship, and Barb Silverman presented it to her.  And speaking of the Roy E. Smith Scholarship Fund, click here for the address to send YOUR contribution:  http://fchhs.acps.k12.va.us/band.html (and enjoy some band reunion photos while you are there).  It is a great way to honor our much beloved band director, even though he is fond of making funny faces when I try to take his picture!)

With the help of Arlene Mendelson and another of her classmates, yet another class gift mystery has been solved.  We thought, but had no confirmation, that the bell and wheel in the back of the courtyard were part of the ’63 class gift.  The low wall at the location simply said “196” and the final number had been long lost.  We also thought that the bell and wheel both were from the USS Tunny, but it turns out that the wheel is from the USS Palau.  With the information I was able to provide Kris Clark, the principal at Hammond, she and her incredible staff tracked down documentation from the Department of the Navy.  Click here to read more (you can enlarge both the photo and the letter) http://fchhs.acps.k12.va.us/n63.html   Make sure you read the letter from Mary Alice Fizer, the ’63 class sponsor.


Do you often wonder what paths your former classmates now follow?  I loved receiving an email from Helen Marler, President and Founder of the Living History Company of Fredericksburg.  Click on this site!!  http://www.historyexperiences.com/  By the way, Helen will be listed in the 2004 edition of Marquis Who’s Who.


In Memoriam – G.B. “Chip” Reid, Jr.

G.B. “Chip” Reid, Jr.; lawyer, executive

Tuesday, October 7, 2003; Page B07
George B. "Chip" Reid Jr., 55, a former partner of the Covington & Burling law firm in Washington and chief executive of the Bacardi Ltd. distilled spirits company in Bermuda, died of leukemia Oct. 3 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He lived in McLean.
Mr. Reid was deputy counsel to the Republican National Committee in the 1980s. Since 2001, he had been a financial and strategic adviser to businesses.
Mr. Reid was born in Washington and raised in Alexandria, where he graduated from Hammond High School. He received a bachelor's degree from Yale University and, in 1974, received a law degree and master's degree in business from Harvard University. He served in the Army Reserve for 11 years.
The obituary in its entirety can be read here:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A53635-2003Oct6.html


I enjoy staying in touch with Steve Sullivan – you might like this site:


Mary Adams Ashton has reconnected with her classmate Bonnie Dailey in a unique way.  Bonne’s husband, David Moshier, will be performing the wedding ceremony for Mary’s daughter, Jennifer, in February.  Bonnie will also be involved in the wedding arrangements.  Mary and Bonnie had not stayed in particularly close contact over the past 30 plus years, but they met for dinner in June – the rest is history!

In Memoriam – Our Teachers

Longtime substitute teacher Gretchen Hopkins
Helen Neal

Just for fun – check out this site:
Chataigne's Directory - Alexandria, Virginia 1888-1889
Paul Boran ’62 found a family connection  - how about you?


John Prather ‘64
Timothy Baylor ‘62
Gale and Larry Jackson
Raymond Massey ‘61
Cecily Smith ‘65
Bill Wood ‘66
Ricki Match ‘66
Charlene Rogers
Sidney Long
William “Bill” Rodman ‘62
Pat Alexander ‘66
Phoebe Wheeler ‘63
Gary Harrell ‘63
Susan Hood Hagood ‘63
Bob Webb ‘63
Sharon Cunningham ‘63
Agnes Brown ‘63
Gwen Dove ‘63
Bob Cane ‘63
Mike & Pat O'Meara ‘62
Jane Hightower
Tom Church
Bruz Fellenz
Les Brudzinski
Don Clever
Bill Porter
Andy Carter
Shelly Maffett

Have you been “found”?  Help me!  If you contact me because of this list, make sure you mention “Looking For” so I can match you with the person who initiated the request.

Are you spreading the word about the Francis C. Hammond High School Alumni Association?  More important and cutting to the chase:  Have YOU joined?   Go to the website at http://www.hammondhighschool.com and print out an application today
Do you have siblings who attended Hammond?  Please get in touch with them and make sure they know about the website, the newsletter, and the alumni association.  We would like to track down as many Admirals as possible.

G.P., here’s to you once again – this newsletter was a long one!

AOL users – please don’t forget to do this!  The initial message is not returned to me when we write – Mary Adams ’71 suggests the following:   Highlight the letter that the AOL is responding to before you reply, then hit Reply. This will bring up the highlighted area into the "write" area, and I’ll have the information I need (you will need to do this each time we reply back and forth)  Seriously folks, I need your help on this – if we communicate, and several days go by before I hear from you again, I don’t necessarily remember the subject!

Please – include Hammond in the subject line when communicating if at all possible; ladies, I need maiden names too.

Want to join our Hammond forum?  Go to http://www.hammondhighschool.com and click on Delphi Forums – you will have to register, but it is free.  We have accumulated more than 75,000 posts and photos and I think you will enjoy reconnecting with Admirals from all years.

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